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CAIB Study Tip #3 – Discover What Type of Learner You Are

Really think about what type of person you are and how you best study. There is no right or wrong way to study. It really depends on what you are hoping to take from the course and what skills you bring to the studying table. When someone asks me for help during the last month of crunch time, I always ask them what type of learner they are before I give them advice that suits their style. In my time as a facilitator, I have noticed the following common types of learners:

Memorizer – Your main goal is to go over the information over and over again until you just remember it. Understanding tends to not always be the main goal for you as you are just looking to get through the course. Best Method – Use the notes and Chapter Checkpoint to be your goal. For example, read through the Chapter Checkpoints then put the answers away. If you can answer every question for that chapter correctly 3 times in a row, you have got it. Make a mistake? Start back at number one and work on them all again. This constant repetition will help the answers to stick with you.

Need to Write it Out – You learn best by putting pen to paper and writing out the information to really make it stick. This might be best used in by completing the Chapter Checkpoints or by making your own notes. Best Method – If you have time, work on the Study Guide. This makes you really carefully think about all of the concepts taught in the book so you know you will have written everything out at least once.

Must Understand Concept – You need to really understand the inner workings of an idea for it to make sense with you. Best Method – Teach someone else. Find a friend, family member or co-worker to help you study – the less insurance exposure they have, the better! When you are with them, try to teach them how concepts in the book work. When you teach someone else how to do something, you are learning it better yourself as you might need to explain it two or three different ways before they understand it. Making your brain come up with different ways of conveying the information to your study partner will lock the concept in your head.

Need Real-Life Examples – You are hands on learner who always likes to see how something is done or to relate a concept to a situation that you have heard about in the past. Best Method – Use your co-workers and industry colleagues to give you examples. Insurance is a very practical concept that is all around us so ask your facilitator or manager for a time when a situation may have arisen that uses the ideas being taught. By remembering the story that happen, you will remember what the coverage was for and how it works.

Winging it – This is also known as the Hail Mary play. While some may manage to scrape by with this method, you are not doing anyone any good by not properly learning the material. My vote – pick a different learning style and get cracking on that method!

Best of Luck Studying!!