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CAIB Study Tip #12 – What to NOT DO After You Finish Your Exam

First thing you can do… take a deep breath. You are finished!! It is time to relax and not worry about the results as there is nothing that can be done about the test. Couple of traps to avoid saving you the mental anguish are:

Beware of the post-mortem – it’s natural to want to discuss how it went with your friends and co-workers, but keep it in perspective. Exams are dramatic events, and the temptation is to describe them dramatically – “The easiest/hardest/fastest exam I’ve ever done!” No two exam experiences will be the same – that doesn’t mean you are wrong and they are right, or vice versa.

Don’t check your answers with others, especially when you still have to do it later. You’ve already handed the papers in, so what’s the use of checking with others and finding yourself wrong? Leave ASAP so you won’t hear others talking about it.

Don’t grab your text and look up answers. All this is going to do is make you start second guessing your answers to trust that you did the best you can. Learning how co-insurance works 20 min after the exam is not going to improve your mark, or your mood, at all.

When marking the exams, IBAM cannot begin the process until all exams are received from around the province. Once this happens, teams of volunteers markers are brought in to start going through each of the exams and marking them by hand. IBAM will do our best to get the marks out to the students as quickly as possible but due to the sheer volume of exams, this process is going to take a few weeks at minimum. Please be patient as we are working as hard as we can to ensure the marks are received by the end of the month you wrote in.

To be kept up to date on when the marks are posted, follow the IBAM Facebook Page ( or our Twitter Account (@IBAManitoba) as we will post a notice as soon as all of the marks are up on our IBAM Website ( Paper copies of marks will be sent out about a week after the marks have been posted.

Please do not call the IBAM office if you no longer have your student number. Student numbers are provided at the exam on a slip of paper attached to the exam and will not be given out again until you receive the paper copy of your results.

Best of Luck!