CAIB Study Tip # 7 – Look for Information Clusters

The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC,) who creates the exams, are not trying to trick you with you exam even if it may seem like they are at times. IBAC is simply testing you to ensure that you know your stuff. Because of this, taking a calm approach to the exam will help you find success.

Some of the key information to keep in mind includes:

• Information in the exam tends to be in the order of the text book. Therefore if you are not sure if the question is referring to a Farm or Liability chapter, take a moment to think about where the chapter was in the book. If Farm was one of the last chapters but this question is one of the first in the exam, you are likely not looking at a question on Farm Insurance.

• Throughout the text, you will notice that many pieces of information are set up as little clusters which 3-6 point in each. As questions on the exam are 3 mark questions, these nuggets of information are always a good indicator of what information are key topics that you should definitely study.

• Many exam questions are created in a very similar format to the Chapter Checkpoints found at the end of each chapter. These are great questions to study from as they will help you understand how questions will be worded on the exam.

If you are nervous when you open your exam booklet, you need to calm yourself before beginning. Taking a moment read through the entire exam will give you time to focus before you begin writing. It can also help your subconscious start formulating answers to questions without you even realizing it.

Start Studying

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