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About Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba (IBAM)

The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada is a federation of 11 provincial and regional associations of property and casualty insurance brokers. Through its member associations, the IBAC represents approximately 34,000 insurance brokers in virtually every community across the country. Similarly, the Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba is an organization representing approximately 2,000 broker members from all communities across our province. The Association’s efforts – always with the best interests of consumers in mind – is to ensure that insurance brokers remain the primary provider of insurance services in Manitoba. IBAM's five core pillars of responsibility & activity are: 1. Political/government relations including relations with elected and unelected "politicals" and regulatory authorities including facilitating the national and local BIPs (broker identity programs) 2. Insurer relations including both local and national interests 3. Issues concerning advancement of broker interests in the broader public domain 4. Professional development and educational requirements, with general assistance in hiring and retention 5. Membership services - providing general informational, administrative, conference, trade show & meeting services through regular interaction with members

Opening the door to your Future

Starting on any new career can be intimidating.  Where do I start?  Is this for me?  Can I even do it?  The real question that you should be asking yourself is – Why Not.  A career in the insurance industry can mean a great stable future with the possibility of true success.

In this blog, I want to be addressing some of the common questions and conflicts that I have heard over the last 14 years of being in this industry.  Whether or not it is how to get started, the training a person is required to do and even where it can take you, I can help.  While I will admit to not know all the answers, I am sure that I can at least help steer you in the right path.

Along with that, if you have any questions or comments about anything that you read on this site, please do no ever hesitate to reach out to me.  Comment on a post, email ( or even call me at the office (204-488-1857).  Helping someone gain success in their life is a true passion of mine so let me help you be the best you can be.

-Katrina Hueging